MOVE studio offers a wide range of fun, affordable dance fitness classes in Santa Fe, NM. From stretching & flexibility to strength training to dance-based cardio to hip-hop, we've got classes for beginners as well as the more experienced student. Join us as we move to the most current and rockin’ music to bring the fierce and fun level to a high in every single class we offer.


NEW Sunday Schedule Alert!
Beginning Sunday, AUGUST 6, the 2pm DCP!™ class will move to 12:30 - allowing you to have a leisurely morning, get a dance class in, and have the rest of your day free for hiking, etc., and the 12:45pm yoga class will move to 1:45 - providing you with the opportunity to follow up the high-energy dancing of a DCP!™ class with the body-nurturing stretch and breath of a Vinyasa yoga class.

Today at MOVE
Sunday August 20, 2017







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